The Concept

Behind the name Jacu

As the same of Jacu Bird, we want to be unique. Our venue in Westminster was designed to be a nice place to drink, to eat and to work.We want to provide a home extension place where the Londoners based in this area que can stay all day long enjoying our quick service with great quality. We offer a super fast takeaway and delivery services with a fresh sandwiches bar and great variety of all kinds of coffees. We want a place that provides great and fast service. To achieve this we use the most high tech coffee machines and super fast ovens. We have also a restaurant area that offer, hamburgers, grills and pizzas with great quality. If want to make your happy hour with your friend we offer a great variety of alcoholic drinks.But we have something unique and special for you…

The Special Jacu Coffee.
These indigenous birds inhabit the forest and feast on only the very ripest coffee cherries produced in the forest shade. Once the Jacu bird has ingested the cherry, it goes through its digestive system and the local villagers collect the odourless droppings, composed of the extremely rare coffee beans, and transport them to the drying areas where they are dried, cleaned and stored in their parchment for up to three months.
The end result is a creamy, dense coffee with a delicate balance of flavors, which growers feel is worth the time and effort that goes into collecting the beans by hand. The coffee has already had a positive reception in foreign countries, winning praise for its chocolatey and fruity flavour notes and its balance of an acidic base and a sweeter taste.
You must try our super premium coffee. Cheers!


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